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Caroline Mead

Accenture Interactive
Product Manager
Caroline is a Product Manager with a background in behavioral research. She started her career studying the effects of junk food on motivation in rats, and measuring implicit bias towards interracial couples. Fascinated by this work but frustrated by the pace of academic research, she turned to the software industry as a vehicle to test ideas and impact behavior at a faster pace. While working at a startup, she sought to take a greater role in the important conversations that were changing the direction of the company and product. By taking Computer Science courses at night, she grew her ability to connect with, and influence teams of developers and product designers. As a Product Manager, Caroline is fascinated by the full lifecycle of processes behind launching impactful digital products—from the tone used in user testing initial concepts, to how connected each developer fixing post-launch bugs feels to the product-mission. She continues to study this in a consulting environment at Accenture Interactive as she helps diverse teams design and build products.